Understanding Soil Microbes

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Soil is a vast ecosystem that we cannot even begin to understand, but we do know how important taking care of your soil is to growing a good crop. We have been learning about mychorrizal fungi, molybdenum, and other important nutrients, but what are microbes and how do they help our soil? Microbes are the “tiny digesters of the earth” who are constantly breaking down organic matter for our plants to use to grow. Whenever a seed germinates, chemical signals enter the soil and genetic information is exchanged. Microbes attach to the tissues on the plants and colonize to ensure that nutrients are available to plants at a steady rate while they are growing.

Microbes respond to the plant in times of need and increase their activity during warm times to provide the extra nutrition that is needed. When the weather is cooler, the microbes slow down and build a repository of nutrients and will slowly release them to sustain the plant until the weather becomes warm again. Think of it as self-regulating!

Microbes also help to stabilize the soil by physically binding soil particles together; they release a by-product called glomalin that acts as a “glue,” binding mineral particles and organisms to each other. This contributes greatly to soil aggregation. All of these processes happen naturally in a healthy, productive soil. Increased biological activity in the soil, and the buildup of existing bacterial populations, will help make your plants and garden resistant to diseases, frost, and insects, while maximizing the potential for growth and health.

Microbes are fed with organic material, similar to the natural elements in Beju Plant Food. Fertilizers will help to feed your plants for the time being, but by feeding the microbes, you are in turn, stimulating the natural ecosystem. If you feed with a synthetic chemical fertilizer, you are feeding the plant, not the soil. Adding petrochemical synthetic fertilizer also drives up the salt index in the soil and changes the pH, which can have adverse effects on plants.

Use Beju Plant Food to feed the microbes in your soil, providing almost immediate nutrition for your plants!