Teaching Kids Where Food Comes From


Food education is a hot topic in our society, as it should be.  As we head into Christmas, we were thinking that now is an excellent opportunity for children to learn about where food comes from and to establish a healthy relationship with food.

Kids are getting less and less outdoor time and processed foods have become to norm. Some kids never even see the produce aisle at the grocery store. In the past, it was common to have a backyard garden or visit a farm of family members or friends.  Today, many children only experience food coming from a grocery store, even if it isn’t fresh!

It is important for kids to learn how their food is grown and harvested and how to make healthy decisions when it comes to their food. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Plant your own garden. Even if it is small or indoors, it will still ge the point across. Plus, there is satisfaction in experiencing the plant lifecycle
  2. Give them gardening chores. Have them assist in the growing of vegetables.
  3. Visit a family farm or farmers market. There are hundreds of farms out there in all regions that would love to give you a tour of their farm and their production practices. Just ask.
  4. Use garden produce for school lunches. The produce aisle at the grocery store is bright and colorful and can be a wonderful place to teach your kids where their food comes from. Then, have them try it in their lunches!
  5. Go fishing!