Beju Plant Food can be applied with any commercial grade spreaders. There are several variables to consider when determining the amount of product you need, including seeding population, soil sample results, and water supply. We recommend applying Beju Plant Food at planting and every 8 weeks throughout the growing season.

  • Plants: 1/3 ounce per plant.
  • Trees: 1 cup per 5 feet of tree height.
  • Seedling: Sprinkle 1/8 cup in hole, cover with dirt and water.
  • Shrubs/Bushes: 1 cup per 5 square feet.
  • Lawns: 1 pound per 15 square feet.
  • Sod: 20 pounds per 666 square feet.

Beju is available in 3, 20, and 40 pound bags or in bulk. Please contact us to purchase.