Companion Planting I: What to Plant Together

A diverse mix of plants makes for a healthy and beautiful garden. Many gardeners believe and scientific studies have proven that companion planting, the close planting of different plants that enhance each other’s growth or protect each other from pests, has real benefits unique to specific combinations. Practical experience has demonstrated...
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What Makes Good Mulch?

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Mulch is a material (such as decaying leaves, bark, or compost) spread around plants to enrich or insulate the soil. It can help to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and more. But, not all mulch is created equal! Mulch should always be an organic substance that is derived from some...
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How to Get Great Soil

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In the middle of winter, the last thing you are thinking about is your soil. But now is a good time to start planning for spring and your plants are only half the story. As a farmer or gardener, you also have to think of what’s below the surface! Microbes, fungi and bacteria are...
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