How to Improve Soil Health by Ray Archuleta

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We recently came across this article USDA Soil Scientist Reveals Simple Tips for Improving Soil Health” on that we wanted to share. It was a great write-up on improving soil heath through the use of cover crops and how growing your own food is economical and healthy! 

The main point of the article is to stress the importance of cover crops and providing your soild with a barrier of protection.  By providing the soil with a shield of protection in the form of cover crops, mulch, or wood chips, you will encourage your soil biology to thrive. So making sure the soil is covered is a foundational step, no matter what the size of your farm or garden.

This also adds carbon back into the soil that will feed mycorrhizal fungi that eventually produce glomalin, which may be even better than humic acid at retaining water, so that you limit your irrigation needs and make your garden or fields more resilient during droughts.

All in all, Ray describes growing your own food as one of the best ways to optimize your health. Not to mention the fact that gardening can help boost your mental well-being, and may help promote a healthier microbiome to boot, if you allow yourself to get a bit dirty.

Watch the full video here: