The Lifecycle of a Pumpkin

Happy Halloween to all our ghosts and gardeners out there!  While we should be out preparing for All Hallows Eve, here we are wondering about the growing cycle of pumpkin. Did you know that pumpkins are planted in the winter and grow until they are harvested in September-October? We found this...
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Tips for Starting a Compost Pile

Now is the perfect time to start your compost pile to prepare for spring planting! You will want to use a mixture of ingredients for the best results – layering equal proportions of greens and browns. Some things, like grass mowings and weeds, rot quickly. They work as ‘activators’, getting the composting started....
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Preparing for a Frost

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With the cold months creeping up, it’s time to start preparing your gardens for a frost. To start, it is important to know the two different types of frosts and if it is worth the effort for crop protection. First, an advective frost occurs when a cold front moves...
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7 Tools to Get Started Canning

So you planted your garden, maintained it all summer, and are reaping the benefits. But what if you have more than what you can eat right now? Canning and preserving food is common practice and can be rewarding and fun if done correctly. And you’ll love having amazing salsa...
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