Cover Crops 101

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Cover crops have been on the rise among farmers for several years now for their undeniable advantages. They help keep weeds under control, improve and protect your soil and control disease. Plus, they are low maintenance! Cover crops work well for gardeners and farmers alike, whether you have several fields...
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What Can Beju Do For You?

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Beju Plant Food is an environmentally friendly way of replenishing trace minerals – including calcium, copper, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, sulfur, manganese and molybdenum – into your soil ecosystem. The list of benefits below are a broad overview of the ways Beju Plant Food can help your soil, but there...
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The Dirt on Molybdenum

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Molybdenum is a micronutrient that some producers have never heard of or do not know much about. It can only be found in trace amounts and is truly a “micronutrient.” It is still essential to the soil ecosystem, though, and can have a significant impact on your crop yield when maintained at the...
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What is Mycorrhizal Fungi?

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Mycorrhizal Fungi is a soil fungus that is essential to soil fertility and the root system. The fungus acts as an extension of the root itself and determines the flow of water, nutrients, and air into the soil and directs the pathways of root growth. It also opens up channels...
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