How to Get Great Soil

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In the middle of winter, the last thing you are thinking about is your soil. But now is a good time to start planning for spring and your plants are only half the story. As a farmer or gardener, you also have to think of what’s below the surface! Microbes, fungi and bacteria are...
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Soil Sampling in the Fall

We found a great article on Ag Anytime about soil sampling in the fall and wanted to share it with our followers. Soil sampling is one of the most important things our team does in the fall after harvest every year to ensure that we are keeping diligent records...
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Preparing for a Frost

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With the cold months creeping up, it’s time to start preparing your gardens for a frost. To start, it is important to know the two different types of frosts and if it is worth the effort for crop protection. First, an advective frost occurs when a cold front moves...
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12 Common Issues in Corn Ears

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Farmers can see a lot of different issues with their corn ears, which can tell them a lot about a corn plant’s development during the growing season. Ear size and kernels on the ear can indicate when the ear experienced stress and the severity of the stress. The following information is a...
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