Starting a Vegetable Garden Checklist


Have you decided that 2016 is the year you will start a garden of your own? Congratulations! You have taken the first step. Read more below on our recommendations for starting and planning a garden.

Define Your Goals.

  • Ask yourself – “Why do I want to garden and how much can I realistically take care of?”
  • It is important to identify these questions, as it is easy to give up if part way through if you don’t!

Pick a location.

  • Access to water and sunlight are the most important determinants in choosing your location. Vegetables need at least eight hours of full sun every day.
  • Make sure there is proper drainage and the slope is as level as possible.

Consider protection.

  • Building a fence is important as many animals are attracted to vegetable gardens. Build it before you plant, so rabbits or raccoons never get a glimpse!

Know your dirt.

  • Dig a bit of soil up and determine if you need to add Beju Plant Food to help with fertility. A local nursery or greenhouse can help you determine how much to add.

Choose your seeds.

  • What do you and your family eat the most? Take note and plant what you will use most often.

Buy some basic tools.

  • Get some essential tools before you begin, including a spade; garden fork; soaking hose; hoe; hand weeder; and a basket for moving around mulch or soil.

Happy Gardening!