Company History

Miller Evolve LLC is a family owned and operated agricultural business based out of North Platte, Nebraska. Owners Ben and Julia Miller, along with their six children, established the company in 2013 with 20 years of farming industry experience behind them. Through a passion for sustainability, Beju Plant Food, a nutrient rich, soil amenity pellet derived from livestock manure, was created. Beju is produced to supply farmers, greenhouses, nurseries, landscapers and golf courses with an organic, nutrient rich, easy-to-use, natural fertilizer.

Miller Evolve LLC strives to provide excellent service to our customers through a quality product that is affordable and simple to use, so that growers get results that they are proud to show off. We wish to share our knowledge and experience of manure to make growing all kinds of plants a pleasant experience. We use Beju in our own farming practices and look to develop strong relationships with gardeners and farmers alike.

Product History

Beju Plant Food is a pelleted manure product that was first produced in 2012. Manure is nothing new to farmers and gardeners as a natural fertilizer, but it is normally restricted to use on the surface of the soil. With Beju, you can precisely place the pellets in the ground near the seeds or roots of the plant to provide the micronutrients a plant needs to establish a healthy root system. This organic, non-burning, low odor product can be used with virtually anything that grows and is simple to use for even the novice farmer or gardener. Maintaining healthy soil is a must in today’s day and age of sustainable growing practices.